Experienced and knowledgeable

Our event apps include the legal, financial services, government, transport, charity, medical and corporate sectors worldwide. We have in-depth experience and the ability to leverage the knowledge we have gained in one business sector to offer benefits in another.

An Insight Mobile event app is designed to engage attendees, differentiate you from your competitors and generate more revenue. Our designers and programmers are some of the most experienced in the industry and are able to provide the functionality and graphics that best suit your event.

The best thing about working with Insight Mobile is the creative collaboration to get the best event app tailored to our delegates, exhibitors and sponsors. The team are extremely dedicated and helpful and provide constant insight into new, fresh functionality.

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An event app first and foremost

Our event apps are designed with our clients in mind and each feature is developed to enhance the attendee experience. We don’t believe in providing template solutions – we’ll work collaboratively with you and combine your guidance with our expertise to create the perfect event app for you.

We offer different event app packages to best suit your needs. Our single event app package is an all-inclusive solution for one event, providing everything you need to enhance your event. Our multi-event app package will offer you a hand-held event portal for all of your events, allowing you to use the technology for all of your events no matter how big or small.

Collaborative content management

We provide a fully managed service with no hidden extras – get the functionality you need and the service you expect at a competitive and transparent price. Our team take care of data entry and we even offer onsite support to make sure everything runs seamlessly when it matters most.

Our comprehensive Content Management System is at your disposal and if your preference is to manage your event app data yourself, then we’ll offer you all the support you need whilst giving you access to our intuitive and easy to use dashboard.

The cooperation with Insight Mobile was great, the app was developed exactly as we wanted it to be.

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Insight Mobile is fully committed to safeguarding sensitive data. User identification in the form of registered email log-ins, password verification and confirmation pins for app access can be included subject to your requirements. Data is stored and backed-up on multiple UK servers and can be easily relocated at your request. You have control over who can see what, when and how.

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