Scientific conference apps are becoming a key aspect of scientific conferences with their wide range of features that aim to upgrade the conference experience. Insight Mobile have a vast range of experience in developing scientific conference apps and understand how to incorporate a range of features to engage delegates.

Our scientific conference apps are bespoke native iPhone and Android apps that are designed to promote and advertise the organisation or event. Some features that can be including in your scientific conference app include:

  • Abstract, Poster and Presentation Search Feature – this feature allows for all documentation to be uploaded onto the app including abstracts, posters and presentations, these can be incorporated into a search feature and delegates can access these at any time and email theses to themselves.
  • Floor-plans/Maps/Venue guide – it is often the case that scientific conferences are large scale international events therefore a detailed venue guide with interactive floor-plans and GPS maps can allow delegates to navigate the event more efficiently.
  • Business Card Swapping – networking is increasingly important at conferences and this feature allows delegates to create their own QR code business cards and exchange these with other attendees via the app.
  • Personalisation – the app can be personalised so that each delegate or exhibitor registers to the app and then welcomed personally, they can also create personalised agendas by selecting the sessions and workshops that they wish to attend.
  • Chat Function – an attendee list can be included in the app which delegates can browse and then communicate with particular delegates via an instant messaging feature, this allows delegates to network more efficiently.
  • Exhibition guide – a section can be included that displays a list of exhibitors, each exhibitor can have a section which includes a link to their website and to an interactive floor plan highlighting their location. This section also offers the opportunity to sell additional advertising.
  • Gamification – a reward card feature where delegates receive points/rewards for visiting exhibitors, completing quizzes and feedback forms or meeting certain people, this could result in people winning prizes or being entered into raffles. This feature is designed to engage the user and create an interactive experience.
  • Speaker Questions – this feature allows for delegates to communicate with the speakers before, during and after the event, this could allow speakers to adjust their presentations accordingly or answer any questions regarding the talk post-event.
  • Multi-event – there is also the option to upgrade the conference app into a multi-event app which would allow the organisation to re-use the apps for as many events as they like.
  • Keypad voting – keypad voting functionality can be incorporated in the app, the data can be collated into a database and this could be shown on a live screen
  • Social Media Integration – the app can include a link to the organisation’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles – this can allow delegates to promote the event and organisation through their social networking site.
  • Push notifications – the ability to instantly send messages to delegates to notify them of changes or sessions starting, alternatively this can be used as an additional advertising tool for sponsors.
  • Feedback forms – forms can be incorporated into the app which delegates can complete on a session-by-session basis or post-event, this means that conference organisers get a higher response rate at their events and the information is easily collated in a database.

Scientific conference apps play a vital part in upgrading the conference experience for delegates and increase the professionalism of an event. Conference organisers will benefit from utilising a conference app as they can significantly reduce the need for printed documents thus cutting costs and administrative burden. They also provide the conference organisers with a brand new marketing opportunity as they offer plenty of space for sponsorship and advertisement.

Some examples of scientific conferences that Insight Mobile have developed apps for consist of Radionuclide Migration 2013, ICNS 2013 and The Geological Society Petroleum Geoscience of the West Africa Margin.

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