Personalised Agendas

Provide your attendees with information that’s relevant to them. Your attendees can create their own agendas within the app, or these can be pre-populated for them. Delegates can sync their sessions to their device calendars and set reminders. Include individual details about their transport and accommodation so they can be sure to be in the right place at the right time.

Live Keypad Voting/Polling

Facilitate real time interactivity by conducting live votes during sessions and displaying results on screen. Access useful statistics both in real time and post-event for further learning analysis.

Live Audience Participation

Our ‘Ask the Speaker’ feature allows delegates to post questions to a speaker and share their comments on a session with other delegates. These comments and interactions can be viewed by organisers to provide insights on audience engagement. Questions and comments can also be moderated real time by organisers and filtered accordingly through to session speakers.

Document Viewer

Make a stand against the wastefulness and inconvenience of events with large volumes of printed materials. Include all documents such as abstracts, presentations and brochures in the app, allowing users to view saved files offline providing instant access at any time. Cut back on your printing costs, whilst making sure that you’re holding a sustainable event.

Speaker Profiles

Include a full speaker listing with biographies and pictures to help attendees decide which sessions to attend. Attendees can favourite speakers within the app and submit questions to them.

Exhibition Guide

The app can include a detailed and interactive exhibition guide. Provide your attendees with information about each exhibitor, including a logo, web link and social media links. Hook each profile up to the interactive floor plan so they can see where to find them. Allow attendees to favourite specific exhibitors in order for them to plan who they want to see whilst at the event.

Floor Plans

Interactive and static floor plans allow your attendees to navigate the event with ease. Direct people to where sessions are takin place and where exhibitor stands are located through interactive floor plans. Incorporate dinner table plans to inform attendees about where they’re sitting and who with.


The app facilitates innovative, instant and effective networking through features such as instant messaging, chatrooms and business card swapping. Allow your attendees to build their own profile within the app and share these details with other attendees.

Media Wall/Live Activity Feed

Increase delegate engagement and interaction and get everybody involved through live media walls. Attendees can post comments, photos and share event experiences. Allow for interaction with other attendee comments and you could also incorporate your external social media feeds.

Venue Guide

Include a local area guide to give your attendees comprehensive information about hotels, restaurants, transport and more. Integrate direct contact information, GPS maps and web links.

Integrated Social Media

Include full social media integration to encourage delegates to engage directly with your Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ feeds.


Incorporate a range of feedback forms within the app. Obtain quick session feedback or include a full post event feedback form to remove the administrative task of distributing forms. Access collated market research in real time.

Push Notifications

The app’s push notification system allows for seamless real-time communication with your attendees. Whether it’s an update to the schedule, or an organiser or sponsor message, push notifications allow for simple and instant communication. These messages can be personalised, or sent to specific groups of attendees. Schedule them in advance, or send them in real-time for quick and efficient communication with your attendees.

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