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Insight Mobile are UK based specialists in developing event and conference apps

At Insight Mobile we specialise in developing conference apps for a whole range of events and conferences, to facilitate better organisation and make an event stand out from the rest.

  • Increasing the perception of marketing professionalism to delegates and sponsors.
  • Providing a new, high value sponsorship opportunity for exhibitors. Advertisements can even be customised by delegate.
  • Reducing printing costs through providing conference materials via the app in PDF or E-Book format.

Assist in better pre-event organisation through:

  • Customisation of the conference app for each delegate with personal information related to the conference tracks that delegate is invited to, accessed via individual login details. For example providing personalised agendas, based on an individual delegate’s schedule.
  • The inclusion of local area guides for those visiting the conference from out of town.
  • Provision of information on, and links to, transport facilities needed to get to the conference.

Facilitate a more responsive, optimised event by:

  • Allowing organisers to send instant push notifications to delegates to inform them of any announcements or schedule changes.
  • Providing floor plans of the venue and exhibition area, which are interactive and GPS responsive.
  • A quick and easy way to collect and forward questions to a speaker during a session.
  • Offering inbuilt keypad voting functionality.
  • Allowing delegates to swap business cards and linked-in details at the conference via the conference app.
  • Providing an efficient way to collect and collate market research feedback after the event.
  • Facilitating a virtual chat environment for delegates to interact with each other and speakers, both during and after the event.

Increase the sense of excitement about an event:

  • Conference apps can be used to increase the sense of anticipation before the event. This can include running teaser campaigns via the app for launch events.
  • Sales conference or event apps can also incorporate simple games, competitions, quizzes or augmented reality features to convey a sense of excitement about an event.

Where a conference or event is part of a series, the same app can be used for all, with the content customised for each conference.  Individual customisation for delegates is enabled by allowing each delegate to login with a unique ID.  All of Insight Mobile’s conference and event apps are ‘native,’ ensuring a high standard of quality and interactivity with delegates’ phones.

Who are the conference apps for?

Events/conference organisers – we provide systems that can be brought and predominantly managed in-house on a cost effective basis.

Large conference venues – many larger conference venues are already routinely offering conference apps to conference organisers (a number of which have been developed by Insight Mobile). We have experience of providing cost effective systems that allow conference centres to harness this technology to attract more business. These apps can also be sponsored by local businesses or charged to organisers via the venue, opening up an additional revenue stream.

Advertising agencies – we work with advertising agencies to develop white label conference apps that can be branded as an agency’s own.  We can provide conference apps for all kinds of business sectors, for example pharmaceutical, financial service and political parties.

More information can be seen on our brochure:

Click here to see our conference app brochure

Insight Mobile is a leading global conference and events iPhone, Android and Blackberry app developer. We have in-house experience of the requirements of our Conference, Events and Exhibition clients. Our MD worked for many years at the largest US Medical Communications Agency setting up a conference subsidiary in Europe. We also have experience in developing native conference apps for every mobile platform (iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Web Apps and Windows Phone). Contact us today to see how we can help to get your conference, event or exhibition the profile it deserves.


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