We build more than Event Apps: A Training and Examination App case study

We recently developed an app for a pharmaceutical company that wanted a comprehensive training and examination app for its employees studying for their company qualifications. 

Because of our innovative app design and build, we can offer you a bespoke app and tailored solution using our library of interactive features embedded into every app that we build. This means that organisations are able to adapt our technology to meet their requirements, receiving a bespoke solution, without the bespoke price tag.

With some innovative thinking, additional programming, and a collaborative effort, we provided them with a multipurpose, robust and scalable product that met every requirement. Here are a few examples of what this bespoke training and examination app included:

1. Product revision fact sheets, flashcards and information libraries

The training pharmacists had a lot of products and medicines they needed to know a lot about. Using our flexible and highly customisable Agenda feature, we transformed this into an easy to use a database containing every product, categorised in multiple ways – e.g. by use, colour codes, age – and linked every product with a matching flashcard page where users could open up lots of different study sheets, diagrams and infographics associated to each product, to help them revise. The results were impressive. Using our highly agile Agenda and Programme Information feature, the client received a complex library system for interactive revision and learning purposes, with no extra cost.

training app feature

2. Examination features and completion certificates

Once a user felt ready, they could begin the examinations for each product. There were multiple modules for each product that included knowledge tests. The app user had to pass each module before moving on to the next and could save their progress, returning to it at a convenient time. We did need to programme in an additional feature of a progress bar, and an ‘unlocking’ system – levels would become available only when previously levels were successfully completed – but this would be the only bespoke programming in their entire app. The rest of this feature was based on our multiple interactive quizzes, ask a speaker and feedback form features that we use across our event apps. Clever.

Because this training and examination app was centred around passing modules, an automatically generated certificate was made available each time a user passed. They could download this straight from their device, or tap a button that would request a hard copy to be sent to them.

examination app feature

3. Interactive learning guides

How were students able to prepare for learning which drug/product was used for which part of the body? With an interactive map of course! Using our Exhibition feature, our examination app included multiple human body diagrams and organ infographics that were interactive. Users could simply tap on the stomach, and the associated products would pop up, leading directly back to its library of information we mentioned earlier. Another great learning feature.

4. Group study

Using our wide array of networking tools, we created breakout areas for pre-assigned groups. Users were able to securely log in to their group portal, where they could find group chats, assignments, private group-only information, gamification and more. 

If you think you need an app for your organisation but are unsure where to start – give us a call. We can discuss your needs on the phone and design a solution that caters for your needs. Whether it be an examination app, training guide, group learning device or internal events or organisational tools. We have you covered.

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