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At Insight Mobile, we have always stuck by the principle that we don’t believe in ongoing contracts and subscription-style payments for our event tech solutions. Whilst subscription services and contract plans are increasingly popular and now a standard in the tech scene, we don’t think these offer you as our customers the right package for any app, whether it be designed for an event or not. Here’s what you can expect from signing on Insight Mobile as your app developer.

We don’t ask for long term subscriptions

This is important. Many app providers will charge for the price of the app and its included features in addition to a rolling fee that provides you with their business services. This means that without the rolling fee charge, you are pretty much on your own, so you have to sign up for it. Suddenly. your event app price has skyrocketed.

At Insight Mobile, we provide you with a clear upfront event app price with no later additional costs. With an app purchase, you will get free data entry, management, set up, maintenance, post-event reporting and onsite support for your initial event or use of the app. If you have decided to purchase a multi-event app from us – our solution for organisations that host more than 1 event a year – additional charges at this point are only optional: If you need us to take care of managing the app and its content, styling and maintenance, we can provide this with an additional ‘data entry’ charge per event. The cost of this depends on the size of your event and how much content will be included within your app accordingly. Or, you can do this yourself and we will train you on how to do this using our CMS – a service included in the initial app price.

This means that from the time you purchase your multi-event app until it needs to be rebuilt 18 months or so later, you won’t need to pay for one more thing. Of course, should there be any incidents that require our expert attention, we will be on hand to sort this for you as your Account Manager will remain in place as long as you are with Insight Mobile. You might decide to delegate one event to us and manage the next yourself – we work around your needs.

We are flexible and we listen. Now, more than ever.

Okay, so imagine this: You have purchased an app from us for your annual 2020 summer event and then, bam, global pandemic hits and events are off the cards for the foreseeable future. What happens to your app with us? It gets put on hold, of course! We will build the app that you have purchased from us when you actually need it. Our solutions are designed to elevate and enhance your events and organisation’s activities – putting strict timeframes and expiry dates around app purchases only hinder you.

This is a philosophy we have followed since we started at Insight Mobile over 15 years ago, but the pandemic has only highlighted its importance. We’re so excited to be re-launching projects that were destined for 2020 for new and existing clients who are able to start planning their long-awaited events again, albeit in slightly different formats. What does this mean? It means that the product they paid for over a year ago is patiently waiting for them and will be built with their events of today in mind, not the proposal set out pre-pandemic.

You might think this is an obvious expectation, as it should be. However, we have seen organisations be denied pausing their app builds from global app developers for events that simply couldn’t take place. In our opinion, everyone loses out this that way.

Event app prices are set unless you require something really bespoke

As we mentioned above, the price for your app will be clear, upfront and transparent. Insight Mobile’s large collection of features are available with any app, limitless. We don’t believe in limiting the number of features your app can have. It is built around your event’s needs. You could choose to include every single one of our optimised app features if you believe your event needs it.

If you feel there is something missing that we don’t outwardly offer, we always encourage you to tell us. This is because, firstly, we will brainstorm and try to find a solution that cleverly uses our features in a way to solve your problem – innovative thinking that provides you with a solution at no extra cost. We do this with nearly every other app, especially in the last couple of years as requirements become more specific. If together, we think your requirement cant be met in this way, we will look to build you a bespoke feature that may be an additional cost, which we will discuss and work out together.

Its been a tough 18 months for everyone and we hope that from reading this post you will have discovered a few more things about what you can expect from working with us, and the flexibility and understanding we pour into each and every case.

Get in touch if you want to find out any more information on our pricing or our solutions in general.

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