How to maximise your event app and make it multi-purpose – 4 examples

At Insight Mobile, we don’t just cater for large scale events and conferences. Our flexible and customisable apps are built to work exactly for your needs. Organisations come in all different shapes and sizes, which means their requirements do, too. You may be looking for an app that can offer multiple uses and satisfies varying sections of your organisation and its users, whether this includes events or not. Or, you may simply be looking for a powerful app that is tailored to your organisation’s requirements and has a vast range of features and personalisation options without the price tag that comes with it. Unfortunately, when you enter the world of ‘bespoke’ or you break the mould, the price often soars. 

Because of our innovative app design and build, we can offer you a bespoke app and tailored solution using our library of interactive features embedded into every app we build. What’s more is, you will never have to sacrifice the event app technology if you don’t want to. It will be enabled on your app whenever you want it.

Here are some popular uses of our apps among a variety of organisations. Some of them simply request that these make up the core function of their app. Others request the app to have different ‘compartments’ that make it multi-functioning and even more valuable. It is really what you make of it.

1 – Online Learning & Examination Apps

Even before the pandemic hit, online learning was taking off. Now more than ever, it is vital to have the ability to access engaging educational content reliably. As many of us can relate to, it is very difficult sitting through hours of online videos or virtual lessons. In a ‘normal’ world this would be integrated with group work, dynamic sessions and receiving immediate feedback and reward. Using an Insight Mobile App will allow you to mimic all of these things and more. We often build apps that offer virtual lessons, live streams, breakout groups, Q&A’s, certificate receipt, progress checkers and more. If you can think of it, we will have done it.

Online learning via an app means that your audience can access it any time, anywhere, breaking down barriers to learning and building good habits. Our favourite build so far has been a group-orientated learning app where groups of professionals must complete modules together to contribute towards a professional qualification. It uses gamification, chat rooms, quiz challenges, dynamic content and badges to unlock new levels and content as they journey through modules together.

2 – Product showcase

We have done a lot of work with media organisations, beauty brands and influencer marketing to build apps that showcase products or services in a dynamic and interesting way. Whether this app type adds to an event or stands alone, showcasing an organisation’s offerings through a bespoke app offers you a chance to get it in front of the right people, at the right time. It also ensures privacy without eliminating the buzz and excitement that accompanies launches by the vast array of networking features available.

3 –  Press release apps

Thanks to our dynamic documentation and content features, and easy to use CMS, content can be uploaded, edited and published on the fly. Sophisticated push notifications and personalisation means your app can be a centralised hub of press releases, media campaigns and more.  This is an increasingly popular additional use of our event apps as all of the valuable contacts and audiences gained through media and press events are able to receive content instantly, personalised, and securely. 

4 – Supplementation Learning

Do you hold internal training programmes? Offer your employees great career development? Provide your audiences or customers with enriching learning opportunities? A great way to offer supplementation to this learning or developmental content that you provide, in whatever shape or format it comes in, is to deliver it via an app. Whether it simply repeat the content you offer on other platforms or is additional content, an app offers users consistent, convenient and accessible access to your content in a personalised fashion. Choose from test-yourself quizzes to knowledge forums, editable documents, flashcard features and more to offer your audience additional resource to encourage their learning process. A good example at Insight Mobile is a language learning supplementation app that is able to consolidate course content delivered online and through textbooks.

Our cutting edge event features are so adaptable that it only requires a little imagination to land yourself an app that can be pretty much whatever you need it to be. We think that it is so easy to fall into expensive, over-complicated and inaccessible app builds that often require multiple developers and parties if you want your app to do more than one thing. At Insight Mobile, the app is yours and you can make it what you need it to be. It doesn’t even need to involve a single event if you don’t want it to. Get in touch if you have any ideas and we can work together to build you a robust, powerful and valuable app that offers maximum return on investment and personalisation.

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