Marketing Your Event App Stage 2: During the Event

In our last post, we outlined the most important steps you should take to promote your event and conference app as much as possible before your event takes place. We think this is the most important stage out of the three stages in marketing your Event app – Pre, during and post-event. However, as virtual and hybrid events develop in technique and popularity, promoting your app as the event takes place is easier and more impactful.

As soon as attendees arrive encourage them to download the app. 

Rather than handing over reams of paper guides and schedules, have fully informed representatives on hand (‘app ambassadors’) – or even an explanatory flyer – to demonstrate the advantages of using the app to maximise the event experience. At Insight Mobile, you get a free day of onsite support from your dedicated account manager and it’s very common that clients assign them to front desk roles for this very reason.

Continue to make use of opportunities to bring the benefits of the conference app to attendees’ attention throughout the event, for example when attendees are signing up for WiFi.  Make good use of app ambassadors and send them out to circulate, so that they can ‘sell’ the app to all those they come into contact with.

Maximise the app’s features.

Use the app to send push notifications throughout the event – notifying of changes in schedules or breaking news. Ensure the app is designed with live features to keep attendees interacting, for example, design the app so it can be used to submit questions to a speaker, to find the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot, and to network with others.

We know that schedules can change during an event, so informing your attendees that only via the app can they access the most up-to-date programme will increase its importance to them.

Feature the app information on your merchandise.

On any physical product that is provided as attendees arrive, from plastic bags to venue information, guides or event freebies.  If you are offering regular news updates on the event in paper form then include information on the app and remind anyone who doesn’t have it yet what they are missing.

Provide plenty of help via your event stewards

For those who want to download the app but perhaps don’t have the expertise to use it without a little help.  Make it intuitive, easy to use and – importantly – easy to explain, and attendees will quickly start to see the benefits.

Use the app to gather information on those attending your event.

Gather relevant and accessible information about your audiences as well as their opinions on how the event was run, what could be improved and what they particularly enjoyed.  You can provide feedback forms through the app and ask attendees to complete them via event literature or ask event speakers to finish every talk with a little reminder about using the app to give feedback.

Use banner space and popups to advertise your event app.

Now that virtual and hybrid events are so popular, you are likely using an event platform to host it on. A good event platform will have dedicated space for promoting your sponsors and important messages. Include your matching event app into these spaces to boost the entire virtual experience for your audiences. We appreciate this is a relatively new concept for many event organisers, so please get in touch if you want to find out more about how this works.

Check back soon for our final post in this series, where we outline the best ways to maximise the return on investment by marketing your event app even when the main event is over.

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