Marketing Your Event App Stage 3: After the Event

We have reviewed the most effective steps to take to ensure your event app is downloaded and utilised to the maximum pre-event and during the event itself. In our final post in the mini-series, we take you through how to market your app after the event has ended. Just because the event is over, it doesn’t mean your app is less worthy. In many cases, this is a great opportunity to embrace the app as a new marketing channel between you and your audiences. Here are some suggestions on how to continue promoting your event app’s value post-event.

Carry on using the app

Between you and those who downloaded the app, there is now an open marketing channel. Make sure you maximise this! Aside from the obvious utilisation of it by sending out push notifications with news and content updates, you can embrace your event app by transforming it into a mid-event portal. At Insight Mobile, we remove restriction and encourage you to make use of this asset all year round. We have countless examples of how companies have embraced this, so get in touch if you want some inspiration.

Use the app to publicise any upcoming events you have, as well as the next conference 

This can be a great way to keep your audiences engaged with your event schedule. A well-built event app will allow you to add content as you are ready and announce new feature drops. You could also encourage pre-registered attendees to make early connections by maintaining networking features across your app.  

Don’t forget to use the app to gather valuable feedback after the event, as well as during

Don’t bombard people with feedback requests but provide plenty of opportunities for people to easily submit their opinions.  This will give you just the right kind of information to make sure that both your app and your event continue to develop and grow in the right direction.

Use the app to provide delegates with post-event content 

It is likely that your attendees will have gained something from attending your event other than the newfound knowledge and networks. Perhaps it is credit for professional training, a certificate for completion of a particular session, or simply the slideshows from presentations across the event. Offering it as an easy download via your event app increases the utility of the software for your audiences as let’s face it, we keep everything on our phones. 

Engage your new members with the app

If you have new audience members who have yet to attend any of your events, make sure you inform them about your event app and platform via your normal marketing channels and point them to your website page dedicated to your app. If you have made good use of the app, then your new audiences will find value in downloading the app and using it before they attend an event.

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