Top 3 benefits of an Insight Mobile Multi-event App

If you have been looking for the perfect event app and virtual event platform for your event or events, you are likely to have found that app providers offer you single event apps or ‘multiple’. Often, these multiple event apps come with limitations such as:

  • Number of events available to include on your app
  • The size of the event – it may not be possible for hosting varying sized events at the same time
  • Features will often need to be selected in advance, which means your future events are tied to those decided prior to it, which could be unsuitable or redundant.
  • The same layout and branding, colour choices and framework will often have to be applied to each event you add to your app
  • Price will vary according to all of these factors, which is another important factor to consider.

We decided from day one to avert these limitations because we understand what you need. Working in events means things change, opportunities arise and fall, and you never work with and for the exact same audience, team or benefactors. That’s why things need to be as flexible and as helpful as possible. You’re likely to be seeking event technology because it is a helpful solution to you – audience engagement, content delivery, sponsorship opportunities and more are massively improved with its use. The last thing you want is to be limited by the very tool that is promised to broaden the event opportunities and experiences for you, and your audience. Below, we take a look at the top reasons why you may want to pick an Insight Mobile Multi-Event app.


Unlimited events, no matter the shape or size.

Our multi-event apps are built to host as many events as you could possibly need within it. For example, if you are hosting a large flagship conference, but you have smaller workshops or even internal training events occurring simultaneously, these can be hosted on the app at the same time. Even hosting two events a year that would benefit from event technology makes a multi-event app your best bet, because it comes with lots of other added features (see below). 

You have the power to build each individual user’s app so that they only see what is relevant to them – the events they have registered for, for example, or those you wish to promote to them. This offers them a clean, simple and relevant user experience. Our easy to use CMS means that you could add a new event into your app with its corresponding data and have it ready to use in a matter of hours. This provides you with the flexibility that the event industry demands. It also offers you the chance to enhance an experience that may not have solely demanded its own app to be acquired.

Of course, every event that you add into your multi-event app can look, feel and respond entirely differently or uniform to the others hosted within your app. 

An event app that can be whatever you make of it.

You don’t just get a unique app built to host lots of little apps within it. Your Insight Mobile Multi-event app can be whatever you, and your audiences, need. For example, events can simply be one area of the app. There is room to host lots of other things in your multi-event app, such as content, videos, forums, personal logs, quick links and more. Some organisations use their multi-event app almost as an extension of their website, only with the added benefits of the application features. Other clients have used their multi-event app to be learning centres, as a product showcase tool, and examination devices amongst many other examples, all while hosting their associated events. Then, inside each event, you have the ability to customise it with its required features, branding and more. The possibilities are almost endless.

Each event as unique on the app as they are in real life

No two events are the same, so neither should be their corresponding apps. You have the ability to make every event look, feel and behave completely differently from each other if you wish. We don’t believe in template solutions at Insight Mobile. With multiple layout styles and display options, each event can be designed and built to suit its unique branding, theme and users. Our intuitive CMS allows you to control every colour palette, background visual and web graphic on the fly, not to mention the countless opportunity for bespoke styling in the building phase. Benefit from:

  • Extending your brand to build an event app that matches its brand guidelines
  • Splash screen integrations for every need, including sponsorship opportunities
  • Fully customizable design, icons, buttons, menu layouts and background options
  • Banner ads pop up screens and a library of advertisement opportunities
  • Easy to use CMS for real-time changes
  • Leading designers and developers on hand for support at every stage


We’ve unpacked above what we believe to be the top three features of our Multi-event app, but it doesn’t stop there. Other benefits include:

  • A complete and comprehensive matching web-based event platform that comes along with its own benefits, check out this page for more information.
  • A competitive price that does not change depending on the number of events, features within each event, or the amount of styling you choose to include.
  • Dedicated project manager for the initial build of your app and for as long as you need going forward. The first event that you host on your app includes free data entry, management and on-the-day support from your assigned project manager. 
  • As much autonomy as you need. If you want to take your app management into your own hands, you will receive full CMS training to build each event yourself. If sometimes, you would like us to manage it, that works too. We work with each other every step of the way, and no matter what, you will always have your account manager on hand.

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like more information on our multi-event app and to find out how they can help you. We have a host of examples to show you for inspiration, so book a demo today to see them in action. 


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