A large amount of personal data is handled when organising an event. It is important that this is managed appropriately and compliantly. When the EU’s GDPR initiative was introduced, data security was bought to the fore-front of people’s minds.

Some of the things that you can do to ensure you’re not in breach of GDPR or putting event attendee’s privacy at risk are:

  • Only capture data that you really need. Don’t unnecessarily ask for a large amount of personal information from your attendees, this presents an added risk.
  • Ensure you store all data securely, this applies to on computers/laptops and at the event as well. Don’t leave delegate lists and delegate badges unattended.
  • Don’t transfer and send data to people/companies unnecessarily. Consider whether the person you’re sending the data to really needs it and strip back what you’re sending.
  • Make sure you’re upfront with your attendees about how you’re using their personal data. You also need to ensure that they have sufficiently consented to you using their data in this way.
  • Consider the level of security you have in place on your mobile event app in line with the amount of sensitive data you are storing. Consider two factor authentication if you intend to include personal data.

Insight Mobile are fully UK based and GDPR compliant. We take your data security seriously and ensure that any personal data we hold is stored securely. We only capture data that is imperative for the delivery of your app and ensure personal data is not publicly accessible via the app.

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