Often organisations believe that their smaller events don’t warrant the use of an event app. Whilst a single event app might not be appropriate, our multiple-event app package definitely is. Some of the benefits that our clients have experienced from investing in a multiple event app are as follows:

  • Continue communication with your event attendees and use the app as a promotional tool
  • Showcase your smaller events to a higher level with a professional app
  • Include interactive functionality that you wouldn’t usually consider for smaller events due to cost
  • Utilise the app as a “hub” and feature all events (no matter how big or small)
  • Use the app to promote other activities, news and information about your company
  • Easily add new events and information through our comprehensive Content Management System

Our multiple event apps can include the same functionality as our single event apps. Each event’s functionality and graphics can be tailored to suit the individual event. Multiple event apps are a cost effective and flexible way to utilise event app technology.

To find out more about how our multiple event app package can benefit your organisation, contact us today.

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