We all know the benefits of having an app for an event – making the event a more interactive, personal and social experience. However, this is only the case if your attendees actually download the app. We’ve pulled together our 6 best tips for encouraging your attendees to get downloading!


  1. Tweet, Share, Snap, Pin your app details. Before your app is launched, tease your attendees with ‘App coming soon’ social media posts and once it’s live don’t lose the momentum – make sure your followers know about it.
  2. Email marketing and online – include app mentions in all your communication and online material. Send ‘App is live’ emails, create website banners and you could even include an app guide on your website.
  3. Make your download instructions simple. Know your audience and communicate instructions in a user-friendly way.


  1. Make app downloading part of the registration process. Have visuals on registration instructing attendees to download the app. Ensure your staff are mentioning the app and go one step further and have a dedicated “App Help Desk” with staff on-hand to help with any app related questions.
  2. Include app details on all conference materials (from attendee badges to your onsite branding).
  3. On screen visuals are another reminder for attendees. Include app download information on opening slides during sessions and on screens throughout the venue.

Marketing your event app is an ongoing requirement, before the app is launched, once the app is live and during the event. Make sure your attendees make the most of the event and follow our top tips to get them all downloading the app.

If you need more ideas for marketing your event app then let us know.

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