A personalised experience

Personalise your event with a tailored app for each attendee. Streamline their experience by providing the right information at the right time. Create stronger and more meaningful experiences through dynamic content and relevant functionality.

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From start to finish, the customer service received has been top notch, even when we had last minute changes. They were flexible, they were fast, they delivered quality and we loved it!


Interact and collaborate

Turn your passive audience into engaged participants. Provide your attendees with opportunities to interact with the speakers, each other and the event as a whole. Elevate your event by promoting participation and collaboration.

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Insight Mobile are clearly attuned to the business, commercial and marketing needs of our company and I would recommend them unreservedly for anyone looking to build a conference or event app.

Allergan ANZ

Fully project managed

Let us do the hard work for you. Your project manager will guide you through the event app development process and ensure you have the perfect app for your event or conference. We’re UK based, experienced and dedicated to providing high quality service to our customers.

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UK based

We are UK based event app specialists with experience of working with a multitude of businesses, from medical organisations to huge everyday brands. Our programmers, designers and project managers are all based from our offices in Brighton, which means that we can offer 24/7 real time support and you can rely on us to be responsive and support you every step of the way. All of your data is held securely in the UK, eliminating any GDPR related concerns.

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