White Label / Reseller Apps

Are you a Graphic or Website Designer? Do you run an Advertising or Marketing Agency? Are your customers asking you if you can develop iPhone or Android Apps? Would you like to have an additional revenue stream by selling iPhone and Android apps. We can help you sell these to your clients by providing you with affordable white label apps that look like they have been developed by your company.

At Insight Mobile we can develop white label iPhone and Android apps for you to sell to your clients. The apps and supporting CMS are designed where appropriate to look like your company has developed them.

The process

We liaise with you to develop your iPhone and Android apps to your requirements in a timely manner. The process typically takes a month for most apps and is broken into the following steps.

1)     If you would like to provide a client with a quote please contact us with your spec requirements and we can give you with a quote and timeline.

2)     On acceptance of the quote we will proceed to design and develop the app and CMS (typically this takes between 2-4 weeks based on the spec. You or your client can either add content or for an additional fee we can do this for you.

3)     Once we have finished and you are fully satisfied with the results we will then launch the app onto Android Market or onto the Apple App store. We manage the approval process for you.

4)     We service the app to ensure it runs smoothly with advances in handset design and software updates.

Obviously, this is an advantage when you are offering your services to new companies, but it also means you can contact existing clients to ask them if they need development. If you have clients that are satisfied with their previous experience with your company, they should be more than happy for you to develop an application, especially when you detail the benefits of one.


At Insight Mobile we understand that these application packages will be part of a package that you need to make a profit on. This is something that we factor into our prices. Our prices are so competitive that you will be able to add a reasonable mark up to them. Our apps plus supporting CMS start from a few hundred pounds plus a small monthly service charge. Depending on your exact spec requirements we would be happy to give you an exact price.


Insight Mobile is an award-winning company with a wealth of experience developing professional applications (over 100 to date). We are more than aware that we have to offer a service that you and your client are happy with, which is why we are meticulous in our approach. If this was not the case, then we would not be as successful as we are today.


As your company will be aware, a large percentage of businesses in a range of sectors can profit from both a high-quality website and the right type of iPhone and Android application. This is one of the reasons why we do not specialise in just one field. In fact, we make sure that we offer the same quality and detail to every single one of our clients, regardless of what type of field you require an application in.

Offering top quality iPhone and Android apps to your clients is only going to strengthen your hold on the marketplace. Our professionalism, price, range and development are just four of many reasons why using our service is one of the easiest decisions your company will ever make.

Whom we work with

Please note we only offer white label / reseller services to clients with an established client base and a website. We do not work with app start up companies that do not have the in-house expertise to develop apps.

Contact us today to discuss the White Label / Reseller service we can offer for your business.