Retail iPhone and Android Apps

A retail iPhone and Android App could really help to enhance your business. Do you own a jewelry shop or an art gallery or any other high-end shop where design is critical to your offering? A retail app will help to promote your goods and allow your customers to easily see your latest designs.

An app could include useful functionality that will really help you interact with your customers and sell your products. Functions could include;

  • Fully bespoke customised app that will be designed to be visually attractive and showcase your shop and your products.
  • The app could be fully personalised for customers, this means that it would greet the customer by name when they opened the app and the content within the app could also be personalised for the customer. For instance it would allow the shop to send recommendations to customers about items that the shop feels the customer might be interested in.
  • Social networking integration – this would allow customers to promote the shop to their social networks via the app
  • Integrated loyalty card schemes, this could reward customers for buying in the shop, it could also be linked to social networking and customers could be rewarded for ‘liking’ the shop on Facebook or ‘retweeting’ status’ on Twitter.
  • Ability to buy from your shop via the app
  • Push notifications – to allow the owner to send information to customers, this could be about special offers at the shop or a brand new product that is being stocked in the shop.
  • Gallery – to showcase your shop and the products that you sell
  • Try it on features – for Jewelry stores, this could enable the customer to try virtually try on a ring or necklace to decide if they like it.
  • Valuation tools – ‘find out how much you art is worth’ ‘find out how much your jewelry is worth’ these calculators could estimate how much the customer should except to get from a piece of art or jewelry
  • Maps using GPS to direct customers to the shop.

An iPhone retail app also offers a cost effective alternative to advertising in lifestyle magazines and newspapers. The app will act as a constant advert for the shop on the smartphone users home screen.

A retail app could help to enhance the service that you can offer to your customers; an app would be designed to showcase your shop and your products. It would also be designed to be intuitively and fun to use for your customers.

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