Law Firm Apps

Would you like to attract more clients to your law firm? Would you like to cross sell your services to your existing clients? A legal iPhone and Android app can help you do this.

Insight Mobile have developed the first iPhone and Android law firm apps.  Smartphone apps provide a powerful new marketing tool that will help you win more clients and also cross-sell the services of your firm. A legal app can change the service that you offer to you clients, It will make your firm appear technologically up to date. It will also help to differentiate your firm from the competition, as you will be able to offer your clients a better standard of service, than firms that do not have apps.

Clients will be able to use the app to access your firms services anytime they want. They can use the app to find out basic information that they may not necessarily want to have to go to a lawyer about – such as, how much will I get paid whilst on maternity leave?

Law firm apps can also help to cross sell your firms services to both existing and potential clientele. Having an app will also give your firm a presence on the App Store and Google Play. With the continuing popularity of smartphones people are using their phones built in search engines – the Apple App store and Android Google play to find information. If your firm has an app and a presence on these stores you can market your firm to a much wider audience.

A law firm app will:

  • Enhance the service you offer to your clients
  • Differentiate your law firm from the competition
  • Allow you to cross sell the services that you offer
  • Market your firm to a wider audience – which can help you attract new customers
  • Make your firm appear technologically up to date.

Insight Mobile can design apps that cover all areas of law – from Property and Employment law to Family Law and Probate. Please contact us for more information about our law firm apps and the services we can offer.