iPhone and Android Apps for Taxi Firms

An iPhone and Android transport app could help to attract you more customers and enhance the service that you can offer to customers.

We have worked extensively with transport firms such as taxi companies to create apps that will help to market your business to a wider market and attract new customers. It will also help to enhance the service that you can offer to customers and encourage them to keep using your firm over another.

  • A transport app will provide customers an easier and quicker way to book a trip.
  • It will give your firm a presence on the App Store and Google Play, which will help to market your firm to a wider audience
  • Make your firm seem technologically up to date and offering a slicker and more professional service to your customers.
  • An app will help differentiate your firm from the local competition.
  • An app is a good advert for your firm – as the app icon acts a constant advert on the smartphone users home screen.

One company that we have worked with is Brighton & Hove Streamline Taxis. Streamline taxis are the largest taxi firm in the Brighton and Hove area.

The objective of the app developed for them was to reinforce the name recognition of the company and provide their customers an easy way of calling a taxi directly from the office rather than simply hailing a taxi from a street. The app also contains other features for their customers such as a link to their account booking service.

Taxi apps are a way to strengthen links with local businesses. This app for instance contains a Cabbie’s Guide to Brighton. A Cabbie’s guide can provide two benefits. Firstly helping a cab company give the information that their passengers often ask about a town. This feature can be used in a cab app to promote businesses that call your business for bookings.

All our transport apps are designed to make booking transport easy for the customer. However, the apps are also designed to be fun so that customers enjoy using them and feel that there is more value to the app then just a way to book a cab. An app is a good way to make customers remember your firm and to encourage them to keep using your firm as their transport of choice.