Apps for Golf Clubs

A golf club app is a great way for a club to differentiate itself from the competition and substantially enhance the efficiency and the quality of the service offered to members.

All the apps developed by award winning iPhone and Android app developer Insight Mobile are bespoke, focused on the services offered by the club, and tailored specifically for its members.

Each App can be fully personalised to each of the club’s members, greeting individuals by name when the app is opened and delivering messages that are specific to individual members. For example: “Welcome Geoff Smith to East Surrey National Golf Club. We are a looking forward to seeing you today for your lesson. You may be interested to know that to launch our new restaurant menu we have a free pint with Sunday lunch offer this month.”

In addition to this increased level of personalisation iPhone and Android golf club apps can:

Increase efficiency for the club and for members by offering a facility to:

  • Book a Tee Time, access course maps, read handy pro tips and calculate handicaps.
  • Use an Interactive scorecard for golfers to keep track of their scores during the game and submit them to the clubhouse at the end of the round.
  • Book coaching sessions.
  • Reserve a table in the club restaurant and ordering lunch in advance for the end of the round.
  • Integrate of golf shot functionality.
  • Provide weather news for an individual club.

Bring greater social interaction between members by:

  •  Linking to social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, allowing golfers to connect to other golfers as well as promoting the club to their networks by ‘checking in’ and ‘liking’ the course.
  •  Using social networking so that members can share their scores and special offers with their friends.
  • Allowing members to see and add events taking place at the club directly into their diaries.
  • Allowing a club to send push notification messages to members to tell them about special offers or remind them of tournaments, social functions etc

Offer opportunities for revenue generation by:

  •  Showcasing the club shop, the products stocked and allow products to be reserved online.
  • Providing an interactive ‘brochure’ that provides an attractive, high quality insight into all the club’s facilities.
  • Providing space within the app, which can be used to generate additional revenue for the club by allowing the club to sell it to local businesses for advertising.
  • Providing an integrated loyalty card feature, which can reward members for buying goods in the club shop or for spending money in the club restaurant. This could be linked to social networking sites, customers could be rewarded for ‘checking in’ at the club or for sharing and ‘retweeting’ a status.

App details:

Insight Mobile’s golf club Android and iPhone apps can be developed cross-platform to cover all types of Smartphones (iPhone, Android, Blackberry etc as well as iPads).

The apps use native phone technology to ensure a quality, professional feel to the product.

The app can be made available on the Apple App Store, Google Play (Android Market) and Facebook App Center,  increasing the club’s visibility and enabling marketing to a wider market.

The continuing popularity of Smartphones has created a new digital marketplace and more people than ever are using iPhone and Android search engines such as the App Store, Google Play and the Facebook App store to look for information. A bespoke iPhone and Android golf club app is a cost effective and direct way of marketing the club to a wider audience. Having a strong presence on the app store search engines gives a golf club a considerable marketing advantage over its competitors in the area.  A bespoke app will also distinguish the golf club from others in the area and completely enhance the customers golfing experience.

If you want to tap into these benefits, contact us today and we will talk you through how a golf club app could work for your club.