IFA and Financial Service Firm Apps

Are  you an IFA or do you work for a Financial Services company? Would you like to attract more clients or service your existing client accounts more effectively?

Insight Mobile have expertise in developing bespoke iPhone and Android IFA and Financial Service Firm apps. Correctly designed an iPhone app will prove to be a powerful new marketing tool that will help you win more clients and also cross-sell and up-sell the services of your business.

After viewing the app, clients will see your firm as up to date with technology and service level standards. It will also prove a valuable service to clients that will positively differentiate you from your competitors. Financial service firm apps will also give your firm a presence on the app store in your city and under key search terms next to apps.

Clients can:

  • Have a personalised app that greets them on opening and displays information specific to them.
  • Use an app to carry out varied and useful calculations and financial projections on the move.
  • Keep up to date with your latest newsletter.
  • Promote your firm effectively via integrated social media features.
  • Link into compatible online software you may use e.g. will writing tools (or we can develop these kinds of tools for you).
  • Include useful features which can be used to synch into their phone. For instance key date reminders which allow clients to receive automated reminders for the dates they select if they decide to add them into their diary via the app.
  • Allows you to send push notification messages to clients informing them about key dates or aspects of news you wish to communicate.
  • Enables your firm to appear as up to date with the latest technology service level standards. This will create a more professional perception of your firm.
  • Allow your company’s app to be marketed properly on the app store and via mobile safari where Apple will now be positively differentiating between companies with websites only and apps.
  • Allows you to include innovative marketing options via the app.  For instance you can include a high quality iPhone calendar loaded with stunning imagery which clients can use on their iPhone as desktop calendar/alarm clock. Notes by your firm can be included on this with key dates or interesting financial facts to raise your firms profile throughout the year.
  • It can also be designed to cross-sell all your firms services.
Other benefits of financial service firm apps:
  • Easy and quick to edit and update by your staff via an online Content Management System.
  • All graphics and functionality are bespoke and customised for your firm.
  • Enjoyable to use.
  • Our apps are developed to be intuitive to use by everyone and importantly by people that are not particularly comfortable with technology.
Financial service firm apps improve client satisfaction – don’t get left behind your competitors. Call us today.