iPhone & Android Hotel App

Would you like to attract new customers to your hotel and showcase its facilities? An iPhone and Android hotel app can help you do that. A smartphone hotel app is a cost efficient and direct marketing tool that can be used to promote your business to a wider audience.

An iPhone and Android app will offer your business a number of benefits:

  • Promote your hotel in a visually attractive way to new customers.
  • Present your business as up to date with modern technology and offering the highest service level standards. This will increase your enquiries to booking conversion rate.
  • Differentiate your hotel from the competition
  • It will give your hotel a presence on the App Store, Google Play and the Facebook App Store

A Hotel app could have a number of features:

  • Act as a mobile 24/7 concierge to provide guests with important information about your hotel, apartments and facilities.
  • The hotel app would allow guests to book rooms and tables in hotel restaurants via the app
  • Guests could use the app to order room service or contact reception
  • The app would direct guests to your hotel via GPS navigation on their phone.
  • The app could include an integrated loyalty card, which could reward customers for eating in the restaurant or recommending the hotel to a friend via social networking sites. This could be linked to Passbook the new ‘virtual wallet’ being promoted by Apple. This could also include check-in information too if wanted.
  • Linked to Social networking allowing guests to ‘check in’ ,‘like’ and ‘tweet’ about your hotel. Which will promote your hotel to their social networks.
  • Can use push notifications to allow you to send guests information about special offers at the hotel and restaurant.
  • Allows for customer feedback via the on the service they have received either in the hotel or the restaurant.
  • Could include guest wake up call functionality.

Is your hotel used for events, such as Weddings or Conferences? An Android and iPhone hotel app from Insight Mobile, could help you to improve these events. A hotel app could be fully personalised for wedding guests or conference delegates. Allowing them to log into a separate area, and access all the information that they need to know about the event. As well as containing numerous other features such as, links to wedding gift lists, RSVP options and accessing conference materials that are stored in the app.

Hotel apps from Insight Mobile, are easily editable in-house and come with detailed analytics packages.

A hotel app is a cost effective and direct marketing tool, which will make you stand out from the competition and enhance your guest’s experience as well as increasing your revenue.

Call us today to discuss how an app could improve your hotel.