TUC 114th Annual Conference App

Insight Mobile is delighted to have developed the conference app for the TUC 144th Annual Autumn Congress that took place at the Brighton Centre. In addition to an app for the Annual Congress we also launched an app that can be reused by them for multiple events. We will also be assisting them in developing an app that can be reused for multiple events throughout the year.

We are thrilled that after an extensive selection process the TUC decided to work with Insight Mobile to develop their conference apps. We are delighted to have worked with such a prestigious client for such a high profile series of events.

The TUC conference app was launched on the App Store and Google Play well ahead of time to allow delegates to download the app before the congress to be able to fully utilise its functionality. A second app was also designed to be usable at other events they have throughout the year.

Conference organisers, such as the TUC, are noticing the advantages of conference apps. Advantages such as; saving thousands of pounds on printing costs, to providing incomparable high value sponsorship opportunities to generate revenue.  A smartphone conference app can make the difference between a mediocre conference that fails to make any impact and one that is in the diary of every industry insider year on year.

The conference app is designed to include features to facilitate delegates’ smooth arrival at the conference, such as GPS responsive information on the surrounding area and floor plans of the venue, interactive chat functions.  During the conference itself the app can be used ‘live’ to collect and forward questions to a speaker during a session and send push notifications to all delegates to inform them of any announcements; and once the conference has finished, the app is an easy way to collect and sort crucial conference feedback.

If you would like more information on how to use a smartphone conference app to give your event the edge, contact us at info@insightmobile.co.uk or on +44 (0)1273 803000 .