Brighton Centre Conference App

Are you holding your conference at the Brighton Centre? Would you like a free iPhone or Android App to promote your conference? The Brighton Centre is just launching a new service which will allow all conference organisers to have a free app for their conference. A conference app can transform the delegate perception of your conference and improve the impact of your event.

An App can enable Delegates To:

  • Check-in to the conference & register attendance at the conference
  • Delegates can collect all conference materials (including videos and handouts) via the app in their conference briefcase. These can be viewed via the app and emailed to their in-box
  • Create a personalised agenda for their conference.
  • Receive instant messages via the app regarding important announcements.
  • See venue and room location maps
  • Ask speakers questions via the app
  • Swap business cards and linked-in details with other delegates, which are then added automatically to their phone.
  • Be given access to all the local City Information (e.g. recommended hotels, restaurants, taxi firms, medical services, ATMs etc). This information includes GPS maps and phone numbers.
  • Can send a virtual postcard via their app to friends or colleagues.

Conference Organisers can:

  • Create a more professional, technologically up to date impression of their conference
  • Save money on printed materials via the app
  • Integrated social networking – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to facilitate networking between delegates as well as promoting the organisers social networking sites.
  • Generate new revenue from the high value sponsorship opportunity an app provides
  • Contact all delegates quickly via Push Notification of a Special Announcements feature.
  • All content and messages can be customised per delegate to provide personalised travel plans, messages, agenda options.
  • Collect event feedback or market research via the app, which is then automatically collated via a content management system.
  • Incorporate keypad voting via the app.
  • Create virtual chat rooms to facilitate networking both during and after the event.
  • Use the app to promote registrations for future events.
  • Easily manage the app via an online Content Management System

Package Option one (Free App)

  • Graphics branded withe Brighton Centre Images and conference centre branding.
  • The content can be bespoke created and uploaded per conference
  • App available in iPhone and Android
  • City Conference Guide included which includes GPS maps and contact details of local hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, ATMs etc
  • Can include conference material (but needs to retain format of the app)
  • Special Announcements button
  • Delegates can send a virtual postcard from the conference
  • Venue and Exhibition maps are included in the app
  • Organisers are given access and training to an online CMS to allow easy management of the apps.

Package Option Two (upgrade option)

  • Graphics bespoke branded with conference images.
  • Advertisement statics can be included which represent a high value sponsorship
  • App can be sold as part of a system which can be used for many events.
  • Delegates can create a personal agenda on the app by selecting the sessions they would like to attend and adding them to their Conference Diary.
  • Delegates can see who is coming and can exchange business cards and social networking information via the app.
  • Native apps/and an additional web app can be provided across all phone platforms.
  • Ability to send push notification messages to all delegates instantly.
  • Delegates can ask questions to speakers via the app.
  • ‘My Briefcase’ option which allows delegates to collect conference and exhibitor handouts via the app.
  • Virtual chat rooms to facilitate delegate networking both before and after the event.
  • Market research and event feedback can be collated via the app.
  • Telephone support and training to ensure your staff can easily manage the apps including adding additional conferences and apps to the existing app.
  • Integrated Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In functions for your organisation.
  • Other bespoke options based on the specific requirements of your event.

Please contact us today to discuss the options further.